• Apu Salkantay

    Apu Salkantay

    It is said that Salkantay represents the undomesticatable feminine. The trek to Salkantay is gorgeous and can be quite strenuous. When she finally reveals her grandness through the landscape, she beckons you to her mystery. At her feet you lie and bask in her tremendous expansiveness and power. When night falls you can hear the avalanches crashing down and you wonder if it is safe. The dreams are sweet and you awaken to a soft first light and the smell of coffee.

  • Temple of the Moon

    Temple of the Moon

    During one of my many trips to Peru, I visited Killarumiyok, Temple of the Moon. It is an ancient monument that stands as a connection to the moon, to water, and to frogs, which are messengers to the Great Spirit. With what is believed to be a lunar calendar carved into this freestanding mossy boulder shaped like a frog, it represents the incredible power connecting this world to the spirit world, and it holds immense meaning to the elders and to those who visit and experience this ancient sacred site.

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